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Let's lead with humanity

Why I'm Running

How long can we keep putting out fires when we need to address the causes of the climate crisis?

How long can we keep housing folks in temporary shelters when secure, affordable and safe housing should be a human right in this community and in every community?

As a humanitarian worker, I’ve seen the massive gap between the people who have too much and the people who don’t have enough. I’ve seen how growing inequality makes life so much harder for people. I’ve also seen that band aid solutions just can’t get us through.

My experiences have shown me that human well-being is fragile, and that’s inspired me to seek better solutions to the challenges we face in our local communities and around the globe. I’m determined to change the way decisions are made. Please join me and let’s put our hearts and souls into winning this riding, our community University-Rosedale.

I am actively engaged with different levels of grassroots community activism. I rallied a group of neighbours garnering support for the integration of a women’s shelter into my community. I sit on the board of a non-profit providing layered support to at risk youth and also chair an Ontario NDP LGBTQ sub-committee that focuses on outreach, both in the community and in the provincial legislature. I am passionate about working with you for the changes we need in our community, and the influence I can bring to Parliament Hill as your representative.

Let’s imagine a community where everyone has access to the prescriptions and paid sick time they need, and where our loved ones are safe in not-for-profit long-term care. But let’s go beyond imagining and work together NOW for big and bold changes - where no one is left behind.

I believe our community can be a model for Canada and the world in demonstrating that fair and equitable humanitarian policies can positively affect outcomes for everyone, and that changes we make to protect our most vulnerable will make life better for us all.

To me, being a humanitarian means protecting human dignity, which requires actively engaging in social reforms, working to save lives and to alleviate suffering. I’m here now to harness our collective power to do what’s right for our community, our country and our planet. Please join me and let’s put our hearts and souls into winning this riding, our community.

What I Care About

Nicole in discussion with a Philippines local after Typhoon Haiyan

Climate Action

I have seen first-hand the devastating impacts of natural disasters, increasing year after year, while responding to earthquakes, hurricanes and floods. No matter where the disaster, it’s always the same people impacted over and over, those already living in precarious conditions, struggling long before the disaster strikes. We can’t keep reacting to disasters as they happen, we need to proactively put systems in place that protect those most impacted, while taking strong actions on reducing emissions and investing in renewable energy.

Affordable Housing

If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed even further, it’s the homelessness crisis we’re facing in Toronto. We need to put into action plans that have been in the works for years and promised by governments but not implemented. Governments are putting money into temporary housing, but what we really need is for that money to be invested into long-term, sustainable, affordable, and supportive housing solutions. We also need to take a step back and work with communities to identify what they need, and work with them on creating infrastructure to meet those needs.

There are a large number of folks across the city of Toronto who are underhoused and being pushed out of their own communities. We need to do a better job of protecting these community members by closing loopholes around evictions and making it harder to raise rents.

Equitable Access to Healthcare

I’ve worked in field hospitals sent to support folks affected by disasters in last mile contexts, where I’ve seen inequitable access to healthcare magnified. I believe in a healthcare system that prioritizes mental health along with physical health, and where eyes and teeth are taken care of just like the rest of the body. This also means having equitable access to gender affirming surgeries across Canada, which I have been able to receive, but where many barriers to access still remain. We must remove those barriers and acknowledge the systemic racism and transphobia that exists in healthcare, and work to do more to ensure everyone has access to the healthcare and medications they need, at no cost.

Nicole in a park sitting down speaking to a pregnant woman with her partner and dog

Welcoming Refugees

I have worked in refugee camps and spoken to folks who’ve travelled for years, sometimes with young children, escaping horrific situations in their home countries. We need to make sure Canada welcomes more refugees, and we need to work to remove the barriers and bureaucracy around this process. Once they’re in our community, we need to do more to support their integration, and ensure they have access to all the services they need.

Indigenous Rights

I grew up in Saint Mary’s Bay, in Nova Scotia, where recently Mi'kmaw fishers have been exercising their right to fish for a moderate livelihood. I stand firmly with the Mi'kmaw and all other Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island asserting their rights to land and resources.


As queer and non-binary, I work to support 2SLGBTQIA+ rights in my community and as part of the Ontario NDP LGBTQ Committee. We need to do more, especially to affirm the rights and protection of trans people of colour, both in Canada and abroad. I also believe that Canada can and should play a greater role championing 2SLGBTQIA+ rights on the world stage.

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